How To Breed Dogs Successfully 

In order to produce a healthy litter of puppies or kittens you first need a healthy sire and dam, Millhouse fully supports the efforts of the BVA and the KC and GCCF in their aim of producing puppies and kittens who are able to live happy, healthy lives. 

Breeding Dogs Successfully

Some bitches manage to produce a litter of puppies quite easily following an escape from the house or garden while in season (Murphy’s Law). However if you have a quality bitch and have chosen a stud dog to suit her characteristics and pedigree you may find that it’s not always this easy. Sire and dam often live great distances apart, and to successfully breed a litter of puppies you need to have - 

  1. A mating/insemination which occurs at the correct time
  2. A healthy stud dog with good quality semen
  3. A healthy bitch with no reproductive tract problems