Pregnancy scan 40.00
Progesterone test (blood sample and lab fee) 40.00
Progesterone test (lab fee only) 30.00
Semen collection and evaluation 60.00
Chilled semen (collect, evaluate, extend, package, arrange shipment)
- courier fees additional
- blood/health testing req for some countries
Freeze semen (collect, evaluate, extend, freeze, test thaw and store for 1 year) 300.00
- 2nd or 3rd dog on the same day 240.00
Artificial insemination (vaginal) 36.00
Artificial insemination (transcervical – endoscope) 150.00
Artificial insemination (surgical – only if TCI is impossible) 400.00
Male fertility investigation (ex dog and collect semen)
- blood tests/bacteriology extra
Herpes vaccination (per dose) 36.00

- rabies vacc, passporting, blood tests prior to export, health certificates
- neonatal checks
- dry shipper for hire and transport boxes for chilled semen


All the above prices include VAT